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The Complete Guide to Pond Fishing

It’s an unfortunate fact that bass fishing anywhere near the highest level requires significant monetary input. Buying and maintaining a boat, traveling, entry fees, and keeping a stocked tackle box will really put the squeeze on your wallet. Trust me, I know. The good news is there are plenty of ways to catch bass, including…
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Fishing Equipment Reviews

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The Best Deep Diving Crankbaits

Summer is almost here, and with it will come big schools of bass getting down into the depths. Ever since it was popularized in the 2000s, deep cranking has been a favorite way to catch these fish for countless anglers, me included.  I’ve thrown a lot of different types of deep crankbaits during the hottest…
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Best Bass Lures for 2023

Updated for 2023 Part of our goal at is to clear away the clutter (sometimes this is meant literally) and simplify bass fishing. If you’re new to the sport, you may find the sheer number of options in any tackle store to be anxiety-inducing. Most baits are really as good as you make them,…
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I’m Alec,

Alec Lower is an amateur tournament bass angler and Raleigh, NC native. He was a national championship qualifier at North Carolina State University in 2016 and has a decade’s worth of tournament experience from eastern NC rivers all the way to the Tennessee River. BassBlog is a project designed to teach bass fishing from the ground up, focused not just on how to catch more fish, but the actual process or learning to do so.