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Best Bass Lures for 2024

Updated for 2024

Part of our goal at BassBlog.org is to clear away the clutter (sometimes this is meant literally) and simplify bass fishing. If you’re new to the sport, you may find the sheer number of options in any tackle store to be anxiety-inducing. Most baits are really as good as you make them, some baits just outright suck, but there are certainly a lot of great baits that have stood the test of time and many anglers have won a lot of money on. Here’s a list of 10 best bass lures that you should definitely have if you’re serious about catching more bass.

Zoom Trick Worm

It wasn’t the first one ever but the Zoom Trick Worm might be the most OG of straight-tailed worms. It comes in 1000 different colors and is incredibly versatile. You can put it on a shaky head, fish it on a dropshot, throw it wacky style, or fish it on a Texas-rig. The Trick Worm is one of the best shaky head baits ever made and is a top-notch finesse fish catcher in the summer and winter.

Zoom Bait Zoom Magnum Trick Worm-Pack of 8 (Green Pumpkin, 7-Inch)
  • Zooms Largest Floating Worm
  • Larger Version Of Zooms Trick Worm
  • All Zoom Baits Are Salt Impregnated To Make Fish Hold On For That Extra Time To Get You More Hook Ups.
  • Model Number: 115-025

Strike King XD series

Deep cranking is one of the most tried and true summertime techniques ever created, and more money has probably been won on a Strike King XD bait that time of year than any other bait. I personally like the 8XD and 10XD models, which are the two deepest running. Don’t be scared away by the size of these baits. Make long casts over humps, points, channel swings, or anywhere where schools gather in the summer and just reel it on through there.

Gary Yamamoto Senko

The Senko is sometimes referred to as “the stupid bait” because even someone who has no idea what they’re doing could catch a fish on it. Not many shallow water presentations are more consistently effective than a wacky-rigged senko, and you don’t even have to do anything to present it. The majority of senko bites come on the fall, as the bait wiggles as it slowly sinks to the bottom. Senkos are most commonly rigged wacky style but can be fished a number of ways and easily texas rigged if you find yourself around heavier cover. Watch your line as the bait sinks.

  • GREAT FISHING BAIT - The 5" Senko is a staple in the fishing world; The original soft-plastic stickbait is the #1 choice of anglers everywhere; The Senko has spawned thousands of imposters, but nothing beats the original soft stick bait
  • UNMATCHED QUALITY - Versatility is a key attribute of the Senko, allowing it to be fished in a multitude of ways that all end up putting more fish in the boat; The only wrong way to fish a Senko is to not fish with the original Senko
  • PERFECT FISHING LURE - The ORIGINAL soft stick bait is the bar by which all others are measured; The secret sauce to the Senko fishing bait is the formula; We invented it; We perfected it; And no one else has ever gotten close to it
  • BEST CHOICE FOR ANGLERS - Beyond the perfect design and formula lies the Senko's ease of use; There's almost no wrong way to rig it, and whatever your preferred way is, the Senko soft fishing bait is the ultimate fish catcher
  • SENKO SERIES - There's a Senko in the lineup for every possible application; Whether you fish it weightless, wacky-style, on Texas or Carolina rig, on shaky head or flipping jig, this slab of plastic will revolutionize your game and increase your catches

Rapala DT Series

The DT (Dives-To) series is one of the most popular crankbait lines ever brought to market. It’s a subtler bait with a slim profile and tighter than average wiggle, making it a popular choice in colder conditions. The DT10 is one of the best spring crankbaits ever made. Rapala recently released a super deep version as well in the DT20. Craw pattern DTs are spring time staples for a lot of anglers.

Rapala Ike's Custom Ink Crankbait (Old School, DT10 - 2-1/4")
  • The Rapala DT (Dives-To) Series of Ike's Custom Ink Crankbaits uses the same time-tested design as the original DT lures, but in custom finishes designed by Rapala pro Michael "Ike" Iaconelli.
  • Use these incredible lures to target structure at pre-determined depths.
  • The SureSet tail hook excels at catching short-striking fish.
  • Constructed of select balsa wood with an internal weight, a tapered body and thin tail, these babies dive fast and stay in the strike zone longer than ordinary crankbaits.
  • DT04 - 2", 5/16 oz, dives to 4 ft. DT06 - 2", 3/8 oz, dives to 6 ft. DT10 - 2-1/4", 3/5 oz, dives to 10 ft. DT14 - 2-3/4", 3/4 oz, dives to 14 ft. DT16 - 2-3/4", 3/4 oz, dives to 16 ft.

Strike King KVD square bill

The winning bait from the 2011 Bassmaster classic is one of best shallow water moving baits ever made. Kevin Vandam won by over 10 pounds shallow cranking around stumps with a Chartreuse/Black 1.5 and 2.5 model in Lake Cataouatche in southern Louisiana. The bait is famous for its hunting action, which is defined by its non-linear retrieve path.

Zoom Super Fluke

Another versatile plastic from Zoom, the super fluke is an excellent soft jerkbait that realistically portrays a dying baitfish when rigged weightless Texas-style. You fish it fast near the surface or slow it down and let it flutter to the bottom, and it’s wonderfully effective as an alternative to shallow water hard baits. You can also throw it on a carolina rig or throw two at a time with what’s know as the “double fluke rig.”

Zoom Bait Salty Super Fluke Bait-Pack of 10 (Smokin Shad, 5-Inch)
  • Package length: 16.764 cm
  • Package width: 11.684 cm
  • Package height: 1.016 cm

Z-Man Jackhammer

A relatively new chatterbait, the Jackhammer’s primary selling point is the hunting action it presents, which is the erratic side-to-side motion its profile creates in the water. You don’t get such a thing with a lot of other chatterbaits. Tip: Don’t confuse chatterbaits with jigs, while similar they are fished differently.

Z-Man CBJH12-01 Chatterbait Jack Hammer 1/2 oz White
  • Designed in conjunction with renowned bladed jig expert Brett Hite and leading Japanese lure company Evergreen International
  • Exclusive patented ChatterBait bladed swim jig design and stainless hex-shaped ChatterBlade
  • Low center of gravity head with 3D eyes and channel groove for blade protection
  • Quality components include Gamakatsu heavy wire flipping hook, Decoy Egg Snap and double wire trailer keeper
  • Detailed head and blade paint schemed and color-matched, hand-tied silicone skirting

Blakemore Casey’s Classic Runner Head

Underspins have a reputation of being a clear water bait, but they’re actually still super effective around deep schools of bass in muddier lakes. A good underspin is something every angler should have in their boat, and the Casey Ashey Roadrunner happens to be the one that won the 2015 Bassmaster Classic on Lake Hartwell. Pair it with a Strike King Rage Swimmer or a small KaiTech and start catching fish.

Megabass Vision 110

There’s a lot of great jerkbaits out there, but you won’t find a single person who has ever fished with one that wouldn’t include the Vision 110 among at least the top 3. It’s one of the most effective cold water baits ever made. It’s on the pricey side and you will want to change the hooks out, but it’s worth the investment.

Megabass Vision 110
  • Megabass Ito Vision 110 Suspending Jerkbait Fishing Lure
  • Depth: 6 feet
  • Length: 4 1/3" (110 mm)
  • Weight: 1/2 oz. (14g)
  • Hook: #6

Roboworm Straight Tail Worm

All of this is of course a matter of opinion, but I’ll stand by the claim that the original Roboworm is the best dropshot bait ever made. It’s an extremely flexible worm, so it’s very easy to impart a ton of action on it. Roboworms are also effective on a shaky head for the same reason, and can be a real pond killer when rigged Texas-style without a weight.

Roboworm Straight Tail Worm Bait (SXE Shad, 4 1/2-Inch)
  • Roboworms are the most consistant poured baits on the market.
  • Roboworm plastics utilize the "Salt Release System"- You know when the salt has left the lure.
  • The Classic Finesse bait made popular by West Coast Pro's.
Side Note: If you’re looking for the best bass lures for summertime, then check our other guide. Best Summer Bass Baits.

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