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What is a thermocline, and how does it affect bass?

What is a thermocline?A thermocline is a thin layer in a body of water that forms at a certain depth, in which water temperature changes at a rate faster than the water above or below the thermocline. In simpler, more bass fishing specific terms, it’s a thin layer of water that divides the upper part

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Understanding The Crayfish – With Biologist Zachary Loughman

Bass love to eat crayfish. This is no secret. Crayfish biologist Zachary Loughman has noted during studies just how much the smallmouth bass in his home state love munching on these. “I have done a lot of snorkel surveying for crayfish. The smallmouth bass are ridiculously brazen and brave, and they will follow you. Once they

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The Complete Guide to Pond Fishing

It’s an unfortunate fact that bass fishing anywhere near the highest level requires significant monetary input. Buying and maintaining a boat, traveling, entry fees, and keeping a stocked tackle box will really put the squeeze on your wallet. Trust me, I know. The good news is there are plenty of ways to catch bass, including some

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An Alternative Method to Learning Offshore Bass

There’s a whole lot of content on the internet trying to teach people how to fish offshore. Most of it is not very good. Successfully approaching an offshore bite is challenging, and there is an attention to detail and a certain level of patience required that is often misunderstood. It’s something that requires a ton

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Don’t Doubt The Do-Nothing Bank

They don’t call them “do-nothing banks” for a flattering reason. A do-nothing bank is exactly what it sounds like, a bank with nothing on it. No rock, no laydowns, no grass, no nothing. People don’t fish do-nothing banks, because people are visually-oriented creatures, and they’ll be immediately drawn to the best looking areas. While you

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5 Baits That Will Wreck Any Pond

1. Wacky RigSlap a hook into the middle of a stick worm and you’ve got an easy wacky rig setup. It’s the easiest bait around to fish and it is an absolute destroyer of worlds when it comes to pond fishing. Pick a worm of your choice. The classics are the Zoom Trick Worm and the

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Temperature or Day Length? What Makes Bass Spawn?

Bass spawn in the springtime. This is known. Anyone who has ever fished a day in their life knows this. But why? What makes this goofy looking creature that can be tricked into eating plastic smart enough to know that now, exactly now, is the time to do its business?  Some people will swear that the

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