6 Cool Sonar Images of Random Things

Not sure what bass look like on downscan? They look like this. I found this big school at sundown one Sunday in July on Shearon Harris in Central NC. Fun fact: When I found them, I also did not know what bass looked like on downscan, so I threw at them a few times, got one short strike, assumed they were white bass, and left. I also broke the rod in half when I set the hook on that short strike. Not an outstanding performance.

This is the same school being passed over at a much slower speed. 

These are white bass. A truckload of them. It’s not uncommon to find eight-hundred-billion white bass on the lakes around here just schooled up together trying to look like real fish.

The lakes around here are also overloaded with shad. This shot was from a deep flat in January. The shad schooled up in massive numbers and were so thick the depth finder was mistaking the fish for the bottom. 

This is a Christmas tree. I found about 6 of these one day within about a 200 yard stretch on Jordan Lake, NC. I have not caught a single fish out of any of them. But they look cool.

This is actually a roadbed. It’s a tiny one in the back of the pocket, and it has zero rise to it, but you can note the sonar return strengthening, indicating a change from a softer bottom to a harder bottom. This was a cool find. 

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