Georgia River Fishing

Welcome to Georgia River Fishing! If you have found this site, I’ll bet we have at least two things in common: a love for the outdoors and a passion for fishing. About seven years ago, a small group of friends and I gave up reservoir fishing for the simpler, less expensive, and far more rewarding experience of fishing Georgia’s rivers and streams. We have left behind not only the hassles of water skiers, boat ramp lines, and overdeveloped shorelines, but we also catch more fish than we used to!

    The purpose of Georgia River Fishing is simply to inform Georgia fishermen and women about a resource they may have overlooked: Georgia’s thousands of miles of warm-water rivers and streams. Whether you are a tournament bass fisherman looking for a change of pace or a kid with a cane pole and a can of worms, I think you’ll find some helpful information here at GRF


We are happy to welcome Georgia River Fishing to Bass Blog and are confident their addition will help your bass fishing

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